Monday, January 20, 2014

ORGANIZING: Lego Storage Using Baby Wipes

Besides planning parties, my other passion is organization. I am always on Pinterest looking for better ways to organize my family's paperwork, clothes, and toys. Now that my oldest is into Legos, a new challenge has crept it's way into my OCD household - how to organize Lego sets. I've seen posts where people organize by color, but what about all the little pieces to all of the different playsets. I realized I needed to keep the like sets together but there was no way I was keeping the boxes. I was going to run out to Target and buy more of the clear bins that I love, but then it hit me - I have useful containers thanks to my 2 year old - empty baby wipes containers! I went running all over the house searching for them since I knew I had saved some with the hopes of reutilizing them.

Once I found a few, I went to work creating Lego labels by sets - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superheros, City and Chima for now. I did have a few of the Target containers so I used them as well. The wipes containers are great because even if my son has built some of the cars and other objects, they can still fit inside without taking them apart. My son keeps all of the containers in his bedroom closet away from the prying hands of his younger brother! Oh, and I keep all the manuals in a plastic accordion folder, also organized by type of set.

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